We have a historic opportunity to permanently protect public lands in the California desert by designating Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow, and Castle Mountains National Monuments.

National monument designations for Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow, and Castle Mountains means that these pristine landscapes will be preserved for current and future generations to enjoy, and will continue to be accessible for traditional uses and recreation activities like hiking, camping, hunting and more.

This push for national monument designations is a ground-up proposal with over a decade of work by local leaders on legislative efforts to protect these incredible areas the California desert while supporting the local tourism and outdoor recreation economy. It has widespread support from community leaders, business owners, veterans, faith leaders, anglers, sportsmen, historians, artists, outdoor enthusiasts, conservationists, and concerned citizens.

National monuments designations will put a star on the map for each of these lands we love, and places we play.

We can protect Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow and Castle Mountains immediately as national monuments while work continues on the more comprehensive California Desert Conservation & Recreation Act legislation.

Learn more about the three Monument areas we are working to protect:

Campaign for the California Desert Great coverage by Univision ahead of the #LatinoConservationWeek Native Plants Workshop in the new #SandtoSnow National Monument. We stand with #Latinos4Conservation

Reportaje de Univision sobre uno de
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YOUR THREE MONUMENTS3monuments.orgMojave Trails, Sand to Snow, and Castle Mountains National Monuments are three more bright stars on the map for each of these unique and breathtaking lands we love, and places we play.
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Campaign for the California Desert #LatinoConservationWeek #LCW2016 is still going strong in the California Desert with more events to come! Events will highlight the new #Sand2Snow, #MojaveTrails, and #CastleMountains, as well as otherSee More incredible public lands in the desert. Thanks to #MonumentsForAll, for bringing communities together and drawing interest in opportunities like these!See Less19.07.2016 at 10:01 amLike
Campaign for the California Desert Thanks for the shout out from Hispanic Access Foundation! #LCW2016 #Latinos4Conservation #LatinoConservationWeek #HispanicHeritage
Hispanic Access FoundationCOFEM Valle de Coachella and Por La Creación organized a hike for #LatinoConservationWeek in the Mecca Hills Wilderness. COFEM brought glow sticks as tribute to a tradition from their part of Mexico in which people march to a sacred mountain and “light the feet of the dead” in reverence to their ancestors.

Thank you Mojave Desert Land Trust, Native American Land Conservancy, Conservation Lands Foundation for leading the hike!

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