Golden and Grass Valleys

Golden and Grass Valleys

Golden Valley and Grass Valley Proposed Wilderness Additions

Photo by Sam Roberts
(Click here to download a Fact Sheet on the Golden Valley and Grass Valley Proposed Wilderness Additions and click here for a map of the Grass Valley and a map of the Golden Valley)

The California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act proposes to add 7,690 acres to the existing Golden Valley Wilderness area and 13,890 acres to the existing Grass Valley Wilderness area.

Beautiful, rugged mesas climb 4,500 to 5,000 above Golden Valley. The valley is flanked by both the Lava and Almond Mountain rages. From a distance, these black hills appear “painted,” due to black rocks that form streaked lines on the hillsides. Golden Valley received its name from the magnificent carpeting of Desert sunflowers that appear during wet springs.

The lower elevations in Golden Valley provide habitat for the desert tortoise and the Mojave ground squirrel. Vegetation includes California poppy, Mariposa lily, bluebell, mustard, Joshua trees, creosote, burrowed and brittlebush.

The historic 20 Mule Borax trail crosses through the area. 20 Mule Teams were legendary for being able to carry a 30 ton load over 165 miles of desert in 10 days. The 1880s trail stretches from Death Valley and the Amargosa to the trailhead at Mojave.