Great Falls Basin

Great Falls Basin

Great Falls Basin Proposed Wilderness

Photo by Sam Roberts
(Click here to download a Fact Sheet on the Great Falls Basin Proposed Wilderness and click her for a map)

The California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act would add about 7,870 acres as wilderness in the Great Falls Basin Wilderness Study Area.

Year-round springs and streams feed a catch basin creating a refreshing natural bathtub of fresh water at the foot of Great Falls Basin. The proposed wilderness boundary is above and beyond the ridgeline.

The surrounding cliffs, peaks and canyon walls appear striated because of ancient sedimentation. Their colors range from dusty brown to gold. This area includes 15 prominent rock climbing routes, nine of which are in the falls area. Years of hydro pressure has left rock arched, smooth granite for rewarding climbs.

The Great Falls Basin includes an Area of Critical Environmental Concern that recognizes the scenic values and habitat for the Inyo brown towhee, a state-listed rare bird species. There is also historic use by desert bighorn sheep.

Yucca, mountain mahogany and some pinyon pine and juniper can be found at higher elevations.