Palo Verde Mountains

Palo Verde Mountains

Palo Verde Proposed Wilderness Addition

Photo by John Dittli
(Click here to download a Fact Sheet on the Palo Verde Proposed Wilderness Addition and click here for a map)

The California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act would add 9,350 acres to the existing Palo Verde Mountains Wilderness area.

Palo Verde Peak and Thumb Peak are the most notable mountains in this area, but a variety of jagged mountains stretch across the horizon. Between the slopes lay dry washes that help create unique buttes, peaks and rincons. These wilderness additions would extend protection to the lower elevations to the south of the existing wilderness.

The Palo Verde Mountains provide habitat for desert bighorn sheep, desert tortoise, wild burros, coyote, mountain lion and diamondback rattlers. Palo verde trees, mesquite and ironwood can be found in lower elevations. And, Saguaro cacti grow along the southeastern margin of the wilderness.

The Summit of Palo Verde Mountain is a challenging climb for advanced hikers. There are no established trails, so expect some rock scrambling. Views from the top look across the Sonoran desert, down at the Colorado River and as far away as Arizona and Mexico.