ramos_thumbnailJames Ramos, San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, District 3

“The conservation lands that will be protected by the California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act will provide outstanding recreational opportunities, preserve desert ecosystems and support countless local businesses whose bottom line is directly related to regional tourism.”


040313District5RCastillo2Raymond Castillo, Imperial County Board of Supervisors, District 5 “Imperial County is in strong support of Senator Feinstein’s California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act of 2015. The desert is filled with great beauty and great challenges. We are thankful for Senator Feinstein’s tireless efforts to protect our desert’s beauty and meet the challenges of balancing its competing uses.”


Susan Sorrells, Shoshone Owner, Shoshone VillageSusanSorrells_

“As a fourth generation resident of Inyo County and the Amargosa I am grateful that legislation is being presented that will protect this beautiful and unique land for future generations. As the owner and operator of Shoshone Village, which employs over twenty people, I feel strongly that this legislation also will protect the financial future of the region.”

Barbara Durham, Death Valley Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Timbisha Shoshone Tribe BarbaraDurham_“Our desert lands need protection because they are lands that have significant importance to us, the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe, neighboring tribes and the desert communities.  Areas such as the Avawatz Mountains, the Panamint Valley, the Coso Range area, Silurian Valley and the Kingston Range all matter to us; their presence is valued for their history, landscape, story telling and connection with our ancestors who lived here and enjoyed them as much as we do today.  The plants, animals and people of these areas have survived through countless hostilities and threat of extinction but we always persevered because it is our duty to protect our lands, our homes, our way of life and ties to our aboriginal territories.”

Randy Banis, Palmdale Region, BLM Desert Advisory Council, editor of DeathValley.com, BanisOHV enthusiast “Without the protection of Congress and the President, many forms of outdoor recreation will soon be squeezed out of the California Desert by competing uses. I support the effort by Senator Feinstein to preserve the public’s opportunities for desert recreation which will lead to a more healthy and   enlightened citizenry, and stronger economies for our outdoor gateway communities.”

Marcia Bond, Barstow, Former General Manager, Hampton Inn MarciaBond_“Our desert is a special place that offers opportunities to see and explore wild country like nowhere else. We get tourists from all over the world at our hotel, and protecting our beautiful desert vistas just makes sense. The California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act will do wonders for Barstow and the desert region.”

Robin  Kobaly_Exec Director, SummerTree Institute (1)Robin Kobaly, Morongo Basin, Executive Director, The SummerTree Institute “One of our premier bird watching sites in North America lies within the proposed Sand to Snow National Monument: Big Morongo Canyon Preserve. This desert oasis is internationally known for bird watching, designated as one of the United States’ Important Bird Areas by the American Bird Conservancy, the American Birding Association, and the Watchable Wildlife National Program, and is featured in the National Geographic Guide to Birdwatching Sites. Where birds go, birdwatchers go. Birdwatchers contributed $36 billion to the US economy in 2006. 1/5 (20%) of all Americans identify themselves as birdwatchers. About 85 million Americans enjoy observing, photographing, or feeding wild birds, and about 18 million of us consider ourselves serious birders. These birdwatchers bring tremendous economic input into the communities and businesses they visit, including motels, restaurants, grocery stores, visitor centers, gas stations, gift shops, outdoor equipment stores, parks, preserves, monuments, and national parks. Designation of the new Sand to Snow National Monument, which includes Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, will supercharge the economy of the region, while stimulating additional funding to support added recreation and education in national jewels like Big Morongo Canyon Preserve for all visitors from here and from around the world.”

Singer 12-08Dr. Donald Singer, Redlands: Past President, San Bernardino Valley College; Past Executive Director, Inland Action “In addition to its enduring beauty, the California desert contains the bridge to our region’s history — pioneering and homesteading roots, historic trails used by Native Americans and early explorers, and of course Route 66, which is a magnet for visitors from around the world. We should seize this opportunity now to protect these resources in a balanced way that still allows for responsible development in the desert region.”

_MG_3794Brian Brown, China Ranch, Owner China Ranch Date Farm “Over the last 20 years, federal agencies and local businesses in our region have worked to preserve the wild legacy of the the California deserts. Our businesses depend upon visitors having the vast open spaces and long views, and the sense of remote beauty. This new Bill will protect that legacy and help our small family businesses here to survive and grow. We must preserve the wild spaces we have left.”

KarenLowe_Karen Lowe, Former Morongo Basin President of the Morongo Valley Chamber of Commerce and Local Real Estate Agent “The California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act would preserve the natural beauty of our home for future generations while also creating much-needed business and tourism opportunities now.”


David Miller, Morongo Basin President, The Friends of Big Morongo Canyon Preserve DavidMiller_“Big Morongo Canyon Preserve hosts thousands of international visitors each year as one of the premier birding sites on the western flyway and we are considered a jeweled centerpiece for The Morongo Valley. Now, to see our preserve become part of the proposed new Sand to Snow National Monument will represent the culmination of many years of dreams and effort. The additional protection afforded the preserve through the Monument is a clear victory for our environment, our wildlife and our community. We strongly support Sen. Feinstein’s California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act.”

Sam Roberts (2)Sam Roberts, Mono County, Landscape Photographer “As a native Californian I am proud that my representatives have the vision to craft a bill that balances recreation, renewable energy and, most importantly, conservation of our precious desert lands. I am a professional landscape photographer and as such have spent much time working in the very locations contained in this bill, and I can attest to their great beauty and their great fragility. So, again, it is with great pleasure that I fully support this bill.”

unnamed (2) Robert Zimmerman, Palm Springs Retired Attorney with Foley & Lardner (Chicago) Volunteer at Joshua Tree National Park and The Wildlands Conservancy “We Americans tend to forget that we have enjoyed political leaders with the foresight to protect our land, air and water and create environments to protect the creatures and plants that inhabit this Earth with us. President Theodore Roosevelt designated thousands of acres of land as monuments. President Franklin Roosevelt started the process toward what we enjoy here today, Joshua Tree National Park. President Nixon supported and signed major environmental protection legislation, including the law that established the EPA. My generation grew up surrounded by Smokey Bear signs and ads on television showing a weeping American Indian encouraging us not to litter. We were taught to care. It’s our turn to continue that legacy, and provide places for our kids to reconnect with and experience our natural surroundings, and for plants and creatures to adapt, survive and thrive in a changing climate. Senator Feinstein’s proposed bill is part of that legacy.”

rabbi hillel cohn 03 2009Rabbi Hillel Cohn, San Bernardino: Rabbi Emeritus, Congregation Emanu El, San Bernardino/Redlands; Rabbi, Sun City Jewish Congregation, Palm Desert “Long, long ago it was taught that we humans must be responsible stewards of the earth. There have been all too many instances of plundering and pillaging of nature. Our California deserts must be protected from any further destruction. Indeed, we have a duty to protect the magnificent legacy of the desert areas. Development on desert lands must be carried out with care so that future generations will be able to enjoy this beautiful and precious resource. For these reasons, I support the California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act of 2015 and I hope others will, too.”

230287_2055482753193_5482606_n (1)Patrick Donnelly, Executive Director, The Amargosa Conservancy                                      “The Amargosa River is a ribbon of green blessing one of the harshest environments with abundant water, wetlands, and a diversity of life. We have species found nowhere else on Earth, as well as remarkable recreation and scenery. Wild and Scenic designation as proposed in this legislation supports our desert community by bringing visitors and protecting our critical water source.”