The Proposal

Photo by John Dittli

Tourism and recreation are an essential part of the desert region’s economy. The desert is also a bridge to our Native American, pioneering and homesteading roots. To this day, hikers can still follow pristine mountain streams, migrating wildlife and historic trails for hundreds of miles, and experience a place where little has changed over thousands of years. Paradoxically, the fragile desert environment is teeming with wildlife and plant life. This unique place needs protection from encroaching urbanization, poorly sited renewable energy projects and other human intrusions. The public has an historic opportunity to work with U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein and the local congressional delegation to add additional protections to publicly owned land so that they provide wildlife corridors, protect important watersheds and waterways and preserve our desert heritage for generations to┬ácome.

To learn more about Senator Feinstein’s proposal, go to Legislation where you can find links to a summary of the legislation, and a copy of the actual proposed bill. Go to Wild Places & Rivers to learn more about wild places and rivers that would be protected by the Senator’s new California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act.