Other Designations

In addition to creating new Wilderness Areas, new stretches of Wild and Scenic Rivers and new National Monuments, the California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act (CDCRA) designates other areas for special management, recreational use, scenic value, military training, Tribal uses, and other purposes.

The Alabama Hills National Scenic Area

Click here for a map. Title XIX designates 18,840 acres of BLM land in Inyo County as a National Scenic Area in order to:

  • preserve it for recreational use by the public and future generations.
  • guarantee that all recreational activities currently taking place in the Alabama Hills will continue, including hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, hunting, fishing, recreational prospecting (rock-hounding) and authorized motorized vehicle use, and,
  • authorize the Secretary of the Interior to add approximately 132 acres of BLM land to the Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone reservation to protect culturally sensitive lands.

Flat Top Mesa and Black Lava Buttes Proposed Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC)

Click here to download a pdf on the proposed ACEC and a map. Title XX designates approximately 6,500 acres of land near Joshua Tree National Park and Pioneertown as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern in order to preserve and protect roughly 1,700 petroglyphs and other cultural and biological resources.

Vinagre Wash Special Management Area

Title XVI designates a “special mangement area” covering a total of 81,000 acres in eastern Imperial County in order to conserve, protect and enhance plant and wildlife management, as well as nationally significant ecological, recreational, archeological and cultural resources. The area also contains approximately 49,000 acres of potential wilderness and approximately 12,000 acres of former private land donated to the federal government for conservation. Permitted uses would be hiking, camping, mountain biking, sightseeing, hunting, off-highway vehicle use on designated routes and horseback riding. Prohibited uses would include new mining, permanent roads, commercial uses, or activities that would preclude the potential wilderness areas from becoming wilderness in the future.

Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Areas

Title XVIII of the CDCRA:

  • designates four existing, administratively designated OHV areas in San Bernardino County, covering approximately 135,000 acres, as permanent off-highway vehicle recreation areas. Land management would remain as it exists today, but the BLM would be given discretion whether to require a new site specific management plan, or simply modify its existing desert-wide management plan.
  • requires the Secretary of the Interior to conduct a study to determine what, if any, lands adjacent to these OHV recreation areas would be suitable for inclusion and authorizes the Department to do so.

The CDCRA proposes creation of the following OHV Recreation Areas. (Click the links to view maps.)

El Mirage


Spangler Hills

Stoddard Valley

Dumont Dunes