We have a historic opportunity to permanently protect public lands in the California desert by designating Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow, and Castle Mountains National Monuments.

National monument designations for Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow, and Castle Mountains means that these pristine landscapes will be preserved for current and future generations to enjoy, and will continue to be accessible for traditional uses and recreation activities like hiking, camping, hunting and more.

This push for national monument designations is a ground-up proposal with over a decade of work by local leaders on legislative efforts to protect these incredible areas the California desert while supporting the local tourism and outdoor recreation economy. It has widespread support from community leaders, business owners, veterans, faith leaders, anglers, sportsmen, historians, artists, outdoor enthusiasts, conservationists, and concerned citizens.

National monuments designations will put a star on the map for each of these lands we love, and places we play.

We can protect Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow and Castle Mountains immediately as national monuments while work continues on the more comprehensive California Desert Conservation & Recreation Act legislation.

Learn more about the three Monument areas we are working to protect:

Protecting desert preserves conservation investment

Over the past fifteen years, hundreds of young people have devoted almost a year of their lives to conservation in the California Desert through AmeriCorps internships with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Many of the areas these volunteers have worked are now... read more

Campaign for the California Desert Another beautiful photo of the proposed Sand to Snow National Monument from Eco Flight! #ProtectCADesert #MonumentsForAll #Sand2Snow
EcoFlight ✈ on Instagram: “San Gorgonio is nestled in the proposed Sand to Snow National...instagram.com“San Gorgonio is nestled in the proposed Sand to Snow National Monument area outside of Palm Springs, CA. #california #nationalparks #findyourpark…”
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Campaign for the California Desert The very picture of a desert oasis, Bonanza Spring bursts forth with lush greenery and wildlife as it pumps water straight from the rocks of the Clipper Mountains. Historically this was the best springSee More from Needles to Barstow, and travelers from the Chemehuevi to the Joads would have stopped here to water up. It is also part of the proposed Mojave Trails National Monument.

Photo credit Patrick Donnelly. #ProtectCADesert #MonumentsForAll #MojaveTrailsSee Less
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Campaign for the California Desert The proposed Castle Mountains National Monument would preserve "the most beautiful unprotected Joshua tree forest in California." Now we just need a little help from The White House!

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Conservationists pursue Castle Mountains monument on Nevada's doorstep — PHOTOSreviewjournal.comConservationists in California have floated a plan to introduce pronghorn antelope to a high-desert grassland along the Nevada border southwest of Searchlight. First, though, they need a little help from the White House.
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Campaign for the California Desert Explore Castle Mountains, a stunning place that should be protected forever. #ProtectCADesert #MonumentsForAll #CastleMountains
Unprotected Joshua tree forest in the Castle Mountainslink.brightcove.comA spokesman from the National Parks Conservation Association describes why a large swath of land in the Mojave Desert should be protected from development.
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Campaign for the California Desert National monument designations would protect the California Desert's INCREDIBLE night skies, as seen in this BBC Earth video! The proposed Mojave Trails National Monument - including Route 66 - is oneSee More of the featured areas. #ProtectCADesert #MonumentsForAllSee Less
MOJAVE BLUESvimeo.comMojave Desert, one of the hottest and driest places on the planet, stretches from Western Arizona and Southwestern Nevada all the way to Los Angeles County. Graced…
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