With multi-colored mountains, hidden springs, world-famous wildflowers, and majestic herds of bighorn sheep, the stark beauty of California’s Mojave, Sonoran and Great Basin deserts has inspired wonder, reverence, and tugged at the souls of Americans for centuries. These deserts are a bridge to our Native American, pioneer, and homesteading histories.

To some, the desert may seem invulnerable. But if we do not act quickly and make our voices heard, sensitive water resources, fragile wildlife habitat, recreation, and historic trails that drive tourism essential to the region’s economy could be lost forever.

For more than a decade, elected officials, business owners, veterans, local faith leaders, sportsmen, historians, conservationists and others have been working to protect this unique place and preserve our desert heritage for generations to come.

We have a unique opportunity to ensure that some of the most spectacular stretches of desert in California are protected, either through the California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act or national monument designations.



Senator Feinstein

California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act
In 2015, Senator Feinstein reintroduced the California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act to add additional protections to help manage California’s desert resources by carefully balancing conservation, recreation and renewable energy development.

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Sand to Snow Feature

Proposed National Monuments
In response to the community, Senator Feinstein also supports administrative designation of Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow, and Castle Mountains National Monuments in order to permanently protect their unique features and uses for current and future generations.

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